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Concrete: it’s durable, dependable, and the baseline of just about any kind of solid construction project.  It’s a solid material, but for many people, it might not be the flooring of choice. If you imagine a concrete floor, then you might be imagining a solid gray slab with no features and nothing stylish about it. That means you clearly haven’t worked with a dependable decorative concrete company! Stained concrete flooring is a stylish and economical choice for any residential and commercial property. It’s low-maintenance and can be trusted for years on end. If you’re looking for stained concrete Dallas TX residents can trust, then look no further than us.

At DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas, we are a team of experienced professionals who make it our top priority to serve you with the very best results for colorful and personable concrete floors. With a track record of success in concrete staining, polishing, and resurfacing, we are the best team to call for all your decorative concrete needs to stain concrete with concrete dye.


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

an old facility with stained concrete floor

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained and polished concrete floors repurpose your existing concrete slab into a unique work of art. This durable flooring is a “Green” eco-friendly solution that is both modern and durable. More affordable than wood and most tile, stained and polished concrete floors last for decades with minimal maintenance. 

A patterned stained concrete driveway for a home in Dallas TX

Stained Driveways

Give your home a unique curb appeal by staining your concrete driveway. With shades of browns or other earthy tones, your decorative concrete driveway and sidewalk will the talk of the neighborhood. We can stain and seal your concrete driveway in a single day, and the effect will last years. 

A large, dark-stained concrete pool deck curves around the edge of a bright blue swimming pool. The deck leads to a white-painted home with a matching railing and glass doors reflecting the early evening light. The smooth, glossy finish of the concrete complements the tranquil pool setting, inviting relaxation and outdoor leisure.

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Nearly all concrete surfaces look better with decorative enhancements. Want to turn your grey pool deck into a work of art? We can add textures, multiple colors, and designs to bring your pool deck to life. Stained concrete lasts for years, and we are able to refresh the existing concrete or add a concrete coating without replacing concrete. 

The photo showcases a spacious stamped concrete patio with a glossy finish that reflects the surroundings. The patio is designed with varying shades of green and brown, creating a stone-like appearance. The wet surface indicates it has either been cleaned or rained on recently. Part of a stone structure is visible on the right, adding to the patio's rustic charm.

Concrete Patios

Concrete stains are perfect for outdoor surfaces, and your concrete patio is no exception. With a variety of colors and textures, we can make your concrete look like stone, brick, or tile. Durable and affordable, save money by resurfacing with our professional team. 



We have a lifelong passion for decorative concrete and we bring years of experience and expertise to providing the most dependable stained concrete floors for your home or business’s concrete slab. If you need quality decorative concrete you can trust, then give us a call for a free quote and to learn about our services today. 

Concrete Staining Process

How do we take boring old slabs of concrete floor and make them shine with the color or pattern of your choice? We follow a dynamic step-by-step process that guides us to produce the very best stained concrete floors in the Dallas, TX and Fort Worth area. While we tailor our work for each project, we follow these steps for most acid stained concrete jobs: 

Prepare the concrete:

The first thing we do is ensure that the concrete is ready for staining by cleaning and grinding away any impurities. If you choose concrete polishing, we do several passes using diamond grinders to polish the floor until it shines to your desired finish. 

Apply the stain:

Once the floor has been thoroughly prepared, we apply your chosen concrete stain or dye to the surface. We may apply the stain only once or several times depending on how bright you want the color to be or how many different color tones you choose. 

Clean the concrete:

After the final stains have dried, we begin the cleanup process. We rinse the concrete with clean water and neutralize the acid stained concrete for safety purposes.

Seal the concrete:

For our last step, we apply the sealer of your choice to maximize durability for the concrete stain. Sealing the concrete is an important step for both interior and exterior surfaces. It helps reduce maintenance and extends the life of your new surface.

An interior room during renovation with a freshly coated gray epoxy floor that provides a smooth, reflective surface. The room is well-lit, with natural light streaming in, casting soft shadows. The walls are protected with plastic sheeting, and a white staircase with a wooden handrail leads to another level. A large, abstract painting hangs on one wall, adding a pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette of the space.
An entryway in a modern home featuring a polished concrete floor with a subtle marbled effect. The space is bright and airy, with white walls complementing the floor's neutral tones. To the right, a staircase with a carpeted runner leads to the upper level, and decorative elements like a vase and wall art add color and personal touches to the welcoming area.

Polished Concrete Dallas-Fort Worth

For years, DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas has established a name as the DFW Metroplex’s concrete flooring business. We’re up for any job when it comes to staining concrete. Our services are just as versatile as concrete itself: whether you need assistance repairing your driveway, resurfacing your patio deck, refining your pool deck, or polishing beautiful concrete floors in your kitchen, our contractors are ready and available for any task. 

Polishing and acid staining your concrete is an excellent choice from a practical and aesthetic perspective. Not only will it make your flooring look more attractive than ever, but it will also make the surface more enduring and sustainable for years to come. Stained concrete floors can prevent damages and even have a lower risk of slipping, which can make your property safer overall. If you’re looking to make your property safer or your business more attractive, then the answer is clear: decorative concrete is the way to go.

Whether you own a home or a business, staining concrete is a smart decision any property owner should make. Commercial and residential estates can benefit from the saved costs, enhanced durability, increased safety, and flexible styles that come with using concrete floors. When you work with a trusted name like DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas, you can rest assured that your project will be performed with the best possible results.   

Polished Concrete Process

At DFW Stained Concrete, we have developed a thorough, systematic process for the way we polish floors before concrete staining. While we are always sure to customize our care according to the specific needs of each client to ensure the best results, our concrete polishing procedures usually contain the same general steps. They include the following: 

Floor prepping

We need to start the project with a clean slate, so we remove any and all materials from the surface of the floor in our first step. That includes everything from paint to epoxy to sealants and even carpet in some cases. 

Coarse grinding

Our next step is to take diamonds that have been bonded in a metallic matrix and use them to start smoothing the concrete surface. The diamonds are sharp enough to remove most blemishes or protrusions and leave the concrete floor looking smooth afterward. This process may need to be repeated depending on the intensity of the project.  

Densifier application

The surface of your concrete needs to be hardened, so we apply densifiers that make your concrete ready for polishing. In the process, densification can prevent chipping and cracking. 

Grouting application

We apply grouting chemicals to help and fill any cracks that might be leftover from the previous parts of the process. 


Next, we polish the concrete repeatedly with finer resin bonded diamonds until it has achieved your desired level of shine. 

Dying or staining

Once the polishing is complete, then we are ready to perform concrete staining or dying if so desired. 

Worker cleaning a polished concrete flooring in a commercial building
A mansion with a polished concrete flooring

Benefits of Concrete Floors

With so many different kinds of flooring options out there, why would you want to choose concrete? There are actually numerous benefits to using concrete floors versus other options. Here are just a few of them. 

Cost efficiency

If you're looking to pinch a few pennies on your flooring installation, then concrete is the way to go. Concrete is one of the most affordable kinds of coloring in terms of price per square foot, and is a permanent flooring solution that lasts decades!


A concrete floor can be more dynamic than you might think at first. With options like colored concrete, concrete staining, decorative concrete, and epoxy flooring, there are plenty of ways for concrete to look beautiful.


Concrete doesn't have to be limited to your home's foundation. Instead, concrete is a great material for your pool deck, patio, or garage, to name only a few great options.


How long does it take to stain concrete?

We work hard to complete every stained concrete project as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, jobs may take longer if we need to apply multiple coats of stains.

What is the most cost-effective option for flooring?

Working with a team of decorative concrete contractors for stained concrete is a great way to invest in stylish and attractive flooring without spending too much. 

What regions do you serve?

At DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas, we work with customers all throughout every community in the DFW Metroplex including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Mansfield, Irving, Garland and Beyond! 

What kind of clients do you work with?

We can work with homes and businesses on all their decorative concrete projects in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Both residential and commercial concrete flooring are our specialties. 

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Why Choose DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas

There are plenty of concrete companies in the area that can serve your needs. However, if you want the best results for your business, then you should only turn to a company that you can trust. At DFW Stained Concrete of Dallas, we have assembled the best team of professionals in the field who can provide a concrete stain you can trust. When it comes to acid staining concrete, no one can beat the value that we provide for our customers.

We have a lifelong passion for decorative concrete and we bring years of experience and expertise to providing the most dependable stained concrete floors for your home or business’s concrete slab. If you need quality decorative concrete you can trust, then give us a call for a free quote and to learn about our services today. 

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