Stained Concrete Patios Dallas-Fort Worth

Patios don’t have to be boring. Are you sick of your concrete patio looking like a gray, featureless lump? Do you want to inject it with a little bit of your own unique personality? You might not think that traditional concrete patios can give you any room for experimentation or personal expression, but concrete staining can allow you to do just that.


If you work with a trustworthy contractor to add distinctive acid stained concrete to your patio, then you’ll be well on your way to making your property more colorful and stylish than ever before. Whether your patio is suffering from weather-related damages, it’s cracking from age, or it simply needs a fresh coat of paint, then we can help with our comprehensive slate of concrete resurfacing and staining services.  


A wet, freshly sealed stamped concrete patio with a pattern that mimics large stone tiles, in varying shades of brown. The surface gleams with moisture, likely from recent rain or cleaning, accentuating the rich tones and texture of the concrete. The patio is adjacent to a house with white siding, and a stone wall is partially visible, suggesting an elegant and well-maintained outdoor living space.

We have a lifelong passion for decorative concrete and we bring years of experience and expertise to providing the most dependable stained concrete floors for your home or business’s concrete slab. If you need quality decorative concrete you can trust, then give us a call for a free quote and to learn about our services today. 

Concrete Patio Refinishing

There are plenty of reasons to invest in concrete patio refinishing. It’s a smart decision from a practical standpoint as well as an aesthetic perspective. Resurfacing your concrete can make durable concrete that much more dependable, while it also expands your options for designs. Here are just a few options for your new dyed concrete surfaces: 

A golden-hued, textured concrete patio extends towards a screened enclosure overlooking a tranquil lakeside. The early morning or late afternoon sunlight bathes the area in a warm glow, highlighting the smooth surface of the patio. A hot tub sits at the edge, promising relaxation with a view of the serene water and lush green lawn beyond the screen.

Stamped overlays

If you want to add a distinct pattern to your concrete surface, then overlays are your best choice. Overlays can look as simple as basic tile patterns to more complicated brick mosaic appearances.

Stained concrete

Do you have a favorite color that you want for your patio? Then choose stained concrete. Your options are essentially limitless with this choice. You can choose nearly any color to make your patio look beautiful.

The most important thing is to choose a contractor in Dallas, TX that you can trust. No matter where you’re located in the DFW Metroplex, DFW Stained Concrete is the best choice for you. We have gathered a team of experienced, licensed, and insured professionals who can use the best strategies and techniques to help you make your patio look better than ever before through stained concrete services. No other company in the area can beat our dedication to quality and our competitive value! Give us a call today to see what we can do.  


Why Get a Decorative Concrete Patio?

Your home is completely unique and your patio should be just as distinct to match. With a decorative concrete patio, you’ll be able to express your personal style and preferences through a diverse range of colors and patterns. Whether you want to overlay some beautiful tile on your patio or make it look like your favorite color, decorative concrete can help you turn your concrete patio into your dream designs.


Better yet, investing in colored concrete can be the most responsible thing to do as well. Concrete resurfacing can make your patio safer by reducing the risk of slipping while also making the surface more resistant to the sun, preventing those annoying stains and damage that come with time. On top of that, the right concrete staining procedures can make your surface tougher overall and enable it to stand strong even after years of use, no matter how intense.