Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete construction projects can be full of confusion and issues. Whether you are looking into having concrete installed for the first time, or you have had concrete installed before, it is important to consider the following points before any concrete services are started. We love discussing concrete! If your question is not listed here, feel free to ask our concrete contractors or contact us for more information.

What should I look for in a concrete contractor?

Concrete contractors should be well-insured, have lots of good referrals from past clients, and always seeking to have the latest knowledge of construction techniques.

What kinds of things may need to be adjusted for concrete services?

Pipes may need to be directed away from spilling water onto the surface of the concrete. Plants with large roots or tree stumps will need to be removed or moved elsewhere. You may also want to have your sprinkler system serviced after a concrete construction project.

How disruptive will the installation process be?

Concrete services usually require lots of tools, supplies, and machinery to be transported to and from the worksite. If you have a sprinkler system, it may also be affected by the installation of a concrete patio. Stamping colors can also transfer onto plants and other yard structures.

How long do concrete construction projects usually last?

Our concrete patio installers typically finish installing a patio after at least two days. If you are having you are having your patio stamped, the process could take a couple more days. Our driveway installers typically finish installing a driveway after at least four days. Our paving contractors typically finish paving a driveway in a day.

How long will I need to wait for my concrete construction project to cure?

After our concrete patio installers have finished, the concrete will need to cure for at least a day before it can be stepped on. After that, the patio will still need to cure for at least seven days, but it finishes the curing process after about 30 days. Driveway installers and paving contractors recommend letting your driveway cure free of vehicles for at least a few days, but a paved driveway takes a full year to cure. Concrete driveways typically finish curing after about a month.

What can I do to help my concrete cure?

Covering the concrete with a curing blanket will help the concrete hold its moisture. As long as the concrete does not start drying too soon, and it has been installed with the correct water to cement ratio, the resulting concrete should be strong.

How do I maintain my concrete patio or driveway?

Our concrete patio installers recommend having your patio resealed after a couple of years, and keeping the surface clean of debris consistently. Our driveway installers recommend cleaning your driveway occasionally and resealing your driveway every year with a sealer will keep it looking new and increase its resistance to stains and weathering. Small cracks can be filled in, while large cracks may require professional concrete services.