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Welcome to DFW Stained Concrete – your Fort Worth connection to the vibrant world of stained concrete flooring! We’re not your average concrete contractors; we are artisans, transforming standard concrete into something truly unique and beautiful.

We understand how concrete, robust, and dependable, often doesn’t make the list of exciting flooring choices. A gray, featureless slab isn’t everyone’s idea of style – but that’s where we challenge the status quo. At DFW Stained Concrete, we see the unpolished diamond in the rough, the potential for a canvas that brings both elegance and durability to your residential or commercial space.

Stained concrete flooring isn’t just a practical choice – it’s an invitation to rethink what flooring can be. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, it’s a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on style. It’s low-maintenance, stands up to years of use, and has the chameleon-like ability to fit any aesthetic you have in mind.

So, why not redefine your space? Add a splash of color and a sprinkle of character with our expert concrete staining services right here in Fort Worth. Let’s begin the transformation together.

Our Expertise

When it comes to expertise in the field of concrete staining, DFW Stained Concrete of Fort Worth has it in spades. We’re a dedicated team, seasoned by years of hands-on experience, passionate about turning ordinary concrete into extraordinary surfaces. Our repertoire is a vivid testament to the artistry we bring to every project.

Our team is not just made up of contractors; we are skilled artisans who take pride in creating vibrant, durable, and distinctive floors. Trained to bring the best out of every concrete slab we work on, our expertise is the result of a deep understanding of concrete and a commitment to mastering our craft.

We’re versed in the latest techniques and use only the highest-quality stains and sealants. This ensures that your flooring not only looks stunning but also stands up to the test of time. But beyond technical expertise, we bring a human touch to our work. Each project is a collaboration with you, our client. We listen, we advise, and then we create – keeping your vision at the forefront of our work.

So, if you’re in Fort Worth and looking for professionals who live and breathe concrete staining, you’re in the right place. Let’s create something beautiful together with DFW Stained Concrete. Your floor, our canvas.

Our Services

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

A wet, freshly sealed stamped concrete patio with a pattern that mimics large stone tiles, in varying shades of brown. The surface gleams with moisture, likely from recent rain or cleaning, accentuating the rich tones and texture of the concrete. The patio is adjacent to a house with white siding, and a stone wall is partially visible, suggesting an elegant and well-maintained outdoor living space.

Stained Concrete Floors

At DFW Stained Concrete, we bring a new lease of life to your existing concrete floors. We repurpose them into vibrant, durable pieces of art that not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your space but also serve as an eco-friendly solution. With their low maintenance and high durability, our stained concrete floors are an affordable alternative to wood or tile and are designed to serve you for decades.

Aerial view of a decorative concrete patio with a geometric design and brick borders, featuring light posts and railing.

Stained Driveways

Your driveway is the first thing people notice, and our stained concrete driveway services can make it the talk of the Fort Worth neighborhood. We infuse your driveway with shades of brown or other earthy tones, lending your home a unique curb appeal. Our one-day process stains and seals your driveway, ensuring an eye-catching effect that lasts for years. 

A large, dark-stained concrete pool deck curves around the edge of a bright blue swimming pool. The deck leads to a white-painted home with a matching railing and glass doors reflecting the early evening light. The smooth, glossy finish of the concrete complements the tranquil pool setting, inviting relaxation and outdoor leisure.

Stained Concrete Pool Decks

Revitalize your pool deck with our stained concrete services. We can breathe new life into dull grey pool decks, adding textures, colors, and designs that make your poolside a vibrant, inviting space. Whether you want to refresh existing concrete or add a new coating, our team in Fort Worth can transform your pool deck without the need for a complete replacement. 
The photo showcases a spacious stamped concrete patio with a glossy finish that reflects the surroundings. The patio is designed with varying shades of green and brown, creating a stone-like appearance. The wet surface indicates it has either been cleaned or rained on recently. Part of a stone structure is visible on the right, adding to the patio's rustic charm.

Concrete Patios

Your patio is your private outdoor retreat, and with our concrete patio services, it can look like an extension of your indoor living space. We use concrete stains to mimic the look of stone, brick, or tile, making your patio not only a durable and cost-effective choice but also a beautiful one. Let our professional team at Fort Worth give your patio a makeover and turn it into the space you’ve always dreamed of. 



We have a lifelong passion for decorative concrete and we bring years of experience and expertise to providing the most dependable stained concrete floors for your home or business’s concrete slab. If you need quality decorative concrete you can trust, then give us a call for a free quote and to learn about our services today. 

Concrete Staining Process

Concrete Preparation :

Every stunning stained concrete floor begins with a thorough preparation phase. Our team at Fort Worth meticulously cleans the concrete surface, eradicating any debris or impurities that could interfere with the staining process. If your project involves polishing, we carry out multiple iterations using diamond grinders until we achieve the perfect shine tailored to your preferences. This preparation is the bedrock of our work, ensuring your flooring is primed and ready for transformation.

Stain Application :

Post-preparation, we move on to the exciting part – applying your chosen stain. With a canvas perfectly prepared, our experts skillfully apply your selected concrete stain or dye, paying careful attention to your color brightness preferences. Whether you're looking for a single, bold color, or a combination of tones, our team has the experience and finesse to create the exact aesthetic you have in mind.

Concrete Cleaning:

Following the stain application and subsequent drying period, it's time to make the surface sparkle. Our team employs a rigorous cleanup process, thoroughly rinsing the concrete with clean water to remove any residual stains. But we don't stop there. We also neutralize the stained concrete, ensuring the safety of both your space and our team members.

Concrete Sealing :

The finale in our concrete staining process is sealing the concrete, a critical step that serves as the protective shield for your newly stained surface. With a suitable sealer, your concrete's durability is enhanced, making it more resilient against daily wear and tear. This step drastically reduces future maintenance needs and extends the lifespan of your vibrant new surface. Whether indoors or outdoors, our Fort Worth team ensures your stained concrete floor is sealed to perfection, maximizing its endurance for the years to come

An interior room during renovation with a freshly coated gray epoxy floor that provides a smooth, reflective surface. The room is well-lit, with natural light streaming in, casting soft shadows. The walls are protected with plastic sheeting, and a white staircase with a wooden handrail leads to another level. A large, abstract painting hangs on one wall, adding a pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette of the space.
An entryway in a modern home featuring a polished concrete floor with a subtle marbled effect. The space is bright and airy, with white walls complementing the floor's neutral tones. To the right, a staircase with a carpeted runner leads to the upper level, and decorative elements like a vase and wall art add color and personal touches to the welcoming area.

Fort Worth's Premier Polished Concrete Services

With a versatile range of polished concrete services, DFW Fort Worth is your go-to destination for any concrete need you might have – from driveway repairs and patio deck resurfacing, to pool deck refinement and kitchen floor polishing. Our experienced contractors are prepared and eager to undertake any task, ensuring outstanding results every time.  Choosing polished and acid-stained concrete isn’t just about style, it’s a wise, practical decision. Beyond merely enhancing the appeal of your flooring, our services ensure a stronger, longer-lasting surface. The durability and safety of polished concrete floors, including reduced risks of slips and damage, make your property not just aesthetically pleasing, but safer too.  So, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, resilient, safe, and versatile flooring option, polished and stained concrete is the smart choice. And when you partner with a trusted name like DFW Fort Worth, you can be confident that your concrete project is in the most skilled and reliable hands. We’re committed to delivering the best results, optimizing both the beauty and functionality of your space. 

The Fort Worth Standard in Polished Concrete Process

At DFW Stained Concrete, we have a detailed and strategic approach to polishing concrete floors. We adhere to a step-by-step procedure, customized to the unique needs of each Fort Worth project, ensuring unparalleled results: 

Floor prepping

The journey to a polished floor begins by thoroughly cleaning the floor surface, removing every trace of material – from paint and epoxy to sealants, or even carpet. 

Coarse grinding

Armed with sharp, diamond-bonded metallic matrices, we proceed to smooth the concrete surface, clearing away any blemishes and creating a smooth base. Depending on the project’s needs, this process might be repeated for perfection. 

Densifier application

A densifying agent is then applied to harden the surface of the concrete, effectively enhancing its durability against chipping and cracking.

Grouting application

We fill any residual cracks or crevices with grouting chemicals, ensuring a seamless and smooth surface for the next steps. 


With progressively finer resin-bonded diamonds, we then methodically polish the concrete to the desired level of shine. 

Dying or staining

Finally, once the polished concrete is ready, we bring it to life with professional concrete staining or dyeing, as per the client’s preference. 
Worker cleaning a polished concrete flooring in a commercial building
A mansion with a polished concrete flooring

Benefits of Concrete Floors

Cost efficiency

Concrete floors stand out as a budget-friendly option. With low installation costs and minimal maintenance needs, they offer considerable savings over time. The durability of concrete means fewer replacements, directly translating to lower costs in the long run.


Concrete floors are synonymous with versatility. Available in an array of colors, textures, and patterns, they can be customized to complement any style of decor. From a polished, high-gloss finish to a more rustic look, concrete floors can adapt to your aesthetic preferences effortlessly.


The strength and resilience of concrete make it a flexible choice for any space. Whether you're considering flooring for a busy commercial area or a cozy residential space, concrete floors withstand heavy foot traffic, resist damage, and are easy to clean, making them a practical option for a variety of uses.

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Don’t let your floors be just an afterthought – make them a statement. With DFW Stained Concrete, not only are you investing in the durability and beauty of stained and polished concrete, but you’re also infusing your space with a unique character.  

If you’re in Fort Worth and eager to transform your property, we’re just a call away. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let’s embark on a journey to create floors that reflect your style and stand the test of time.  

Take the plunge. Let us breathe new life into your concrete floors. Let DFW Stained Concrete elevate your space, one concrete surface at a time. Remember, great spaces start from the ground up.